2014 National Doctor's Day
By Making A Gift In Honor of Your Doctor!

Congratulations to the following doctors that were honored for National Doctor's Day:

Mark R. Abbruzzese, MD
Michael B. Albert, MD
Joshua M. Ammerman, MD
Matthew Ammerman, MD
Nilofer Azad, MD
Laurence B. Balter, MD
Deborah J. Barbour, MD
Frederick G. Barr, MD
Richard W. Barth, MD
Richard J. Beckerman, MD
Francis T. Bergin, MD
Kathleen Bis, MD
Robert H. Blee, MD
Philip D. Bobrow, MD
Edward N. Bodurian, MD
C. Coleman Brown, MD
Dr. Steven A. Burka
Brendan F. Burke, MD
Dr. Mary E. Carter
Mildred R. Chernofsky, MD
Alexander C. Chester, MD
May L. Chin, MD
D. Scott Cohen, MD
Don M. Coleman, MD
Marc D. Connell, MD
Nicholas L. Constantinople, MD
Gregory W. Cope, MD
Victoria J. Croog, MD
Dr. Dennis A. Cullen
Edward T. Cullen, MD
Marc B. Danzinger, MD
William A. Davis, MD
Steven P. Davison, MD
William F. Deegan, MD
Dr. Stephen W. Dejter, Jr.
Vincent G. Desiderio, Jr., MD
Theodore L. Deweese, MD
Mitchell B. Dunn, MD
Mary C. Dupont, MD
Sean M. Dwyer, MD, FACC
Gilbert M. Eisner, MD
Nadia Eltaki, MD
Jules A. Feledy, Jr., MD
Richard L. Flax, MD
Thomas A. Fleury, MD
Robert Footer, MD
Helene C. Freeman, MD
Jason W. Freeman, MD
Roger J. Friedman, MD
Irene Gage, MD
Meredith G. Garrett, MD
Golru Ghaffari, DO
Sandra J. Ginsberg, MD
Smitha Gollamudi, MD
Richard M. Grossman, MD
Peter G. Hamm, MD
Mustafa A. Haque, MD
Robert Hardi, MD
Denis R. R. Harris, MD
Thomas C. Havell, MD
Charles F. Hill, MD
Susan B. Hurson, MD
Sands K. Irani, MD
Thomas W. Jarrett, MD
Marilyn C. Jerome, MD
Brian G. Johnson, MD
Sandra Joo, MD
James G. Kane, MD
Kushal Karmik, MD
Woo J. Kim, MD
Lawrence E. Klein, MD
Arthur I. Kobrine, MD
Jonathan M. Koff, MD
Bruce R. Kressel, MD
Steven D. Lerner, MD
Randall J. Lewis, MD
Theodore C. Li, MD
Jeffrey Y. Lin, MD
Evan J. Lipson, MD
Brian Long, MD
Thomas M. Loughney, MD
David G. Luthringer, MD
Colette M. Magnant, MD
Edward G. Magur, MD
Sharon D. Malone, MD
Lucy McBride, MD
Alan R. Morrison, DO
David P. Moss, MD
Kevin G. Nealon, MD
M. Therese O'Donnell, MD
Donald Ary O'Kieffe, MD
Celia R. Oliveira, MD
Ramin Oskoui, MD
Channing J. Paller, MD
Michael L. Palmer, MD
Martin G. Paul, MD
Ronald S. Perlman, MD
Peter E. Petrucci, MD
Carlos E. Picone, MD
James S. Powers, MD
Wesley G. Price, MD
Jose A. Quiros, MD
Mary D. Restifo, MD
David E. Rogers, MD
Richard E. Rubin, MD
April Rubin, MD
Jonas R. Rudzki, MD
Thomas F. Ryan, MD
Michael Sabatino, DO
Nancy L. Sanders, MD
Pasquale Santini, MD
Sharon A. Scanlon, MD
Marta A. Schneider, MD
Michael J. Schwartz, MD
Benjamin S. Shaffer, MD
Vera L. Sheen, MD
Gregory S. Sibley, MD
Maral A. Skelsey, MD
Frederick P. Smith, MD
Karen L. Smith, MD
Susan D. Stein, MD
Bonnie Sun, MD
Barry S. Talesnick, MD
Katherine A. Thornton, MD
Brian C. Turrisi, MD
Andrew N. Umhau, MD
Charles A. Umosella, MD
Anthony S. Unger, MD
Michael L. Weinstein, MD
Arthur West, MD
James T. Williams, MD
Deidra E. Woods, MD
Joshua S. Yamamoto, MD
John E. Yerg, MD
Daniel V. Young, MD
Thomas G. Zorc, MD
Rebecca Zuurbier, MD

Thank you to our generous supporters for making a gift in honor of a beloved doctor.   

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